The American Spring | #KML2020

Independence Declared

Dear Friends,

I recently switched my official political party affiliation from Republican to Capitalist. I am sickened and exhausted by the miscreants and fools currently running our government. I volunteer to be your laissez-faire Commander in Chief and President, and swear allegiance to reason and individual rights.

I endeavor to lead a peaceful revolution back to founding principles of limited government. A government limited exclusively to the protection of individual rights. Your rights including life, liberty, and property full stop. This is not just a political campaign but a revolution; and it could be dangerous.

I am horrified with the radical laws, regulations, and amendments enacted against American citizens for the last century. This democratic-fascist government operates primarily on the revenue provided by taxation and the currency deflation.

The first necessary actions to reign back government to its legitimate role in civil society are:

1. The abolition of the IRS and all compulsory taxes; and

2. The abolition of the Federal Reserve FOMC and fiat currency system.

These two actions will force the federal government to rapidly deconstruct the infrastructure that trample your rights and enslave us all.

I appreciate your support and respect your concerns. This is the purpose of my life. May reason be with you.

Always yours,

Kory M. Leavitt

Reason in Rhyme

Please enjoy this philosophical oratorio written and performed by Robin Field:

It's a winnable war I am willing to win.

© 1776